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The Somerset Patriots and Spearhead Staffing have named Nick Morgan as the 2018 Kid CEO. 
Day 1: Ticket Office / Will Call / Greeting Fans
My first day as the 2018 Somerset Patriots Kid CEO started off where every fan starts their day at the ballpark; the ticket office. Before and during the game against the New Britain Bees, I was able to work the computers and make sales after learning quickly thanks to Nick, Dan, Cody, and other Patriots Staff members. I maneuvered through the tickets office and the computers after a bit of practice. I learned how to exchange vouchers for tickets, make transactions, and really understand more about the ticket office as a whole. Each sale was different, so I had different approaches and ways to go about selling the tickets. Another thing that I took away from the awesome experience in the ticket office is that there is a lot more to it then it seems. The staff members that work there are always doing something, and that’s what makes the ticket office so unique - even though it’s a lot of hard, yet very fun work. 
After a few sales at the window, I was able to head right over to Will Call, where I was able to distribute already sold tickets to fans. Nick showed me the ropes, and in no time I was interacting with more fans. As the 7th Inning came along, I joined Nick and the front office staff in the Cotton Eyed Joe. Afterwards, I got ready to say goodnight to fans at the front entrance with Cody, hand out pocket schedules, and the giveaway of the night. 
To close out my first day on the job, I went down on field after the gates had closed and covered the field with the tarp. I worked with a bunch of Patriots staff members as we rolled out the tarp, spread it out, and put sandbags on the edges. It was a really fun way to end the night!

Day 2: Merchandise/ Programs / Scorecards / Team Store Registers / Hawking / Outside Register 
I got off to a quick start on my second day on the job at Somerset. As fans entered the ballpark, I sold scorecards and programs. From there, I learned how to work the cash registers in the Team Store, thanks to Sara and a few others.  I quickly made a few sales and was able to work on my social skills. 
Hawking was one of my favorite parts of the night, and thanks to Rob who showed me the ropes. Hawking is the term used when people from the store go into the stands trying to sell merchandise. I weaved my way in and out of sections, selling lightsabers. It was a really fun experience, as I got to talk to a lot of fans and enjoy what could be the most exciting part of the Team Store!

Day 3: Customer Service / Promotions 
From the start of the game to the middle of the 1st, I was at customer service with Kim and Nick. They showed me the ins and outs of what customer service is all about, and I helped fans, whether I was bringing them down for a first pitch, promotion, or just simply answering questions. Customer service is all about making sure fans have the best time possible at each game, and Nick and Kim do a great job at that. 
Promotions were really fun. I got to help set up the on field contests, such as the Duck Donut Race, Pony Hop, Dizzy Bat, etc. A few of the highlights were throwing out frisbees, presenting the Diamond Darling, tossing out t-shirts, and giving players victory balls after an awesome walk off win. A special thank you to the promo staff- Hal, Lauren, Karly, and Briana for helping me out and showing me what it takes to work in promotions!

Day 4: Ballpark Operations
I started the opening game against the Long Island Ducks at the front gate, as I scanned tickets for fans to get into the ballpark. My experience greeting people on Saturday helped guide me for work at the gates. 
After scanning a few hundred tickets, I made my way to the 50/50 booth. I was taught how the system works, and quickly following that I went out to the stands with Dan and sold a lot of raffle tickets. We made our way through each section and even went up to the suites. Dan and I raised a lot of money for the Beez Foundation! 
After I was done selling tickets, I was able to work the Fun Zone. I sold tickets for the games, and also worked at the Spinning Wheel. I interacted with a lot of young fans and distributed prizes as the kids won them. 
Next, I became an usher for an inning. I was taught the basics and went over safety for the fans in the stands. 
Like Friday, I was also at the main gates saying goodbye to people and thanking them for coming to the ballpark. It was a really great night!

Day 5: Media Relations/ Press Box/ Broadcasting
My last day at the ballpark as the Kid CEO was bittersweet, but, I made every out count. Before the game, and during the first two innings, I was shadowing Gabby. She takes action shots of the players and on field promotions. She taught me how to use the camera and I followed that up with taking my own shots. 
After being behind the camera, I went up to the Press Box and did official scoring on the computer for the third inning. Since I take score at games already, it didn’t take long for me to get the hang of it. 
During the fourth inning, I was able to do the line score on the  scoreboard. I recorded outs, changed the number of the batter, added hits when necessary, and added runs to the board. That was really neat. 
Next, I got the awesome opportunity to be on air with Marc Schwartz doing a play-by-play of the fifth inning on the radio. I called Alfredo Rodriguez’s home run, which was amazing. Being that my future career is to hopefully be a broadcaster, I felt at home and made the best out of the inning. That was definitely the highlight of my time as Kid CEO. 
To close out the night, I helped Brendan take video of the Patriots at bats. I got to record the Matt Oberste 2 RBI hit and it even made it into the recap video. I also did the voice over for the recap and learned how they put the clips together to make that video. Being in the media booth was an awesome way to end my time as Kid CEO, and a big thank you to all that helped me and gave me the opportunity to do so.


The Somerset Patriots and Spearhead Staffing have hired Nick Morgan of Piscataway as the 2018 Kid CEO.

“I was so excited when I found out, I couldn’t believe it. It’s finally coming true,” said Morgan, who was also a finalist last season for the position. “Last year was so close. This year I came back and really tried my best and it showed.”
Morgan, a 14-year old who will be going into his freshman year at Piscataway High School in September, was announced as the Kid CEO during the Thursday, June 28th game at TD Bank Ballpark.
He participated in his final interview on the field before the game with the other five finalists selected from interviews conducted by Spearhead Staffing at the team’s annual Fan Fest at TD Bank Ballpark in early April.
“Every single year the finalists seem to raise the bar and get better and better,” said Spearhead Staffing President Doug Bryson. “The kids come more prepared. At first the participants would show up with the applications, now they show up with full-blown resumes. It’s just amazing what these kids can do.”
Nick was a straight-A student in all honors classes at Conackamack Middle School before his recent graduation. One of his favorite subjects is language arts because he feels it helps broaden his writing and speaking skills when discussing baseball and statistics. He feels that being chosen as the Kid CEO will be a great introduction to how the ballpark operates behind the scenes. 
As the Kid CEO, Morgan will follow front office staff members during the games to learn about ticketing, merchandising, promotions, media, marketing, and ballpark operations. He will sit in on Patriots staff meetings and write about the experiences he has in the position. Morgan will also receive a personalized Somerset Patriots jersey, tickets to five games, a ceremonial first pitch for a game, and a meet and greet with Sparky Lyle and the players. 
“I think everything about this is amazing,” exclaimed Morgan. “I will be able to learn so much about one of my favorite teams and be able to follow around people that I look up to and can learn from.”
Nick plays baseball, runs cross-country track, and has played the trumpet for the past five years. Baseball is his passion and he hopes to one day work in the industry, particularly as a broadcaster.  His favorite MLB team is the New York Yankees and collects thousands of baseball cards. When he is not watching baseball on TV, helping out his sister’s T-Ball team, or watching Somerset Patriots Baseball, Nick enjoys playing Fortnite and MLB The Show on his PlayStation. 
Morgan becomes the ninth Kid CEO in team history.   
“Nick is a 14-year old professional. The kid is ready to jump in and do whatever he can at the ballpark and it’s just great to see him live out a dream here,” Bryson added. “We can definitely learn from these kids. It is important to continue to work at whatever it is you are trying to do and be very persistent. The other main thing is to be prepared. Nick showed up with a suit and tie and shiny shoes. He obviously worked every question he was asked and put his heart into it.”
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